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Workshop Series
Join Stephanie Meades and Elyse Comerford for the complete, comprehensive 'NOURISH & FLOURISH' 4 part workshop series where you will find out how to optimise your health and wellbeing by learning the HOW, WHAT and WHEN to eat for maximum health & vitality as well as learning how to truly nourish your gut health (aka our 'wellbeing epicentre') and developing healthy daily detoxification processes to see you truly FLOURISHING in time for Spring.
This workshop series is designed to take you through a unique wellness journey with each workshop building on the one before, providing a comprehensive holistic approach to improving your wellbeing from the inside out.
Elyse and Steph are both  experienced and certified Health Coaches & GAPS Practitioners who are absolutely passionate about what they do and are mission-driven to share their knowledge and wisdom on how gut health & nutrition choices can seriously change the direction of people's lives.
Elyse & Steph's shared mission is to raise awareness of the power each and every person holds in determining the state of their own health through the food choices they are making each and every day, and to provide the knowledge and know-how for people to utilise 'Food As Thy Medicine' to raise the wellbeing of everyone they meet!
We are super excited to be bringing back our 'Nourish & Flourish' Workshop series with you in 2018, a series of workshops that has been developed to assist you regain contol of your health and wellbeing through nourishing your body from the inside out.
In the first of the workshops series, 'Divine Digestion', you will learn how to optimise your digestion to draw maximum nourishment from the foods you are consuming for optimal energy, vitality and health.
The teaching in this workshop draw upon a quirky blend of olden day traditional Ayurveda principles to help you boost your digestive fire (Agni) merged with the modern day cutting edge research about our digestive health to empower you with the knowledge and the know-how to create divine digestion for yourself and your families. This workshop is super practical, providing you with a load of tools and strategies you can start using straight away to experience immediately improvements in your health and wellbeing.
At the end of the session you will leave with heaps of ideas on how you can seriously up the ante on your digestive capacity to extract maximum goodness from your foods which will boost your health and vitality and make you glow from your head to toe, whilst at the same time seriously reducing any unwanted side effects of poor digestion such as bloating, gas and nausea. This workshop is totally 90 minutes well spent!
  • What exactly do we cover during the workshop:
  • Detailed theory discussion on how we are designed to digest our foods optimally
  •  Discussion regarding how we compromise our digestion (daily) and what this is doing to our insides and in turn our overall health
  • We help you rediscover the art of eating well and discuss why the 'how to' of eating and the 'timing' of your meals / snacks is just as important as the 'what' you're eating to achieve maximum wellness (energy & vitality) and reduce illness  
  •  We talk about food combining to aid digestion and assimilation of your foods
  •  We discuss how to reduce 'competing priorities' on our digestive system to maximise digestion 
  •  Provide you with practical exercises and demonstrations on how to improve your digestive fire 
  •  Opportunity to ask questions 
This is part 2 of our 'Nourish & Flourish' series of workshops.
In this empowering workshop we will show you why so many diets don't work and what is actually happening in your body when you embark on calorie-restrictive, unbalanced, low-fat diets that just aren't conducive to a happy, healthy life, let along long term weight management. When you understand the mechanisms behind what 'dieting' is doing to your body, we are very confident you will never 'diet' again.
In this workshop we will teach you the 'nourished way' to achieve your own healthy weight and happy body using real wholesome foods that will make you feel AMAZING and allow you 'let go' of your old diet habits and your excessive weight and inflammation at the same time.
Seriously, the information we share in this workshop is a game-changer for so many people. The method we share in the session is all you need to find and maintain your ideal weight and most importantly find a new level of wellbeing through nourishing your body well.
We will even provide you with a sample of what we eat in a week, and a meal planning template for you to use during the session so you can embark on your healthy eating habits as soon as you leave the session with us.
  •  What exactly do we cover during the workshop: 
  •  Detailed theory discussion on how dieting has seriously screwed up our hormones and hunger cues, making losing weight an uphill battle 
  •  We share with the best way to reboot your hunger cues, crush your cravings and get in tune with what your body really needs for optimal wellbeing 
  •  We help you rediscover the cues your body gives you and how you can respond in a way that will support your optimal wellbeing and allow your body to return to it's ideal, healthy weight 
  •  We will give you heaps of real food recipes to support the method we discuss in this workshop 
  •  Opportunity to ask questions
  • Who should come along?
  •   This workshop is ideal for anyone who is completely done with dieting 
  •  For those wanting to budge those stubborn love handles 
  •  For those wanting to feel better, have sustainable energy without the peaks and troughs and sleep well 
  •  For anyone wanting to improve their overall wellbeing and vitality in life.
This is part 3 of our 'Nourish & Flourish' series of workshops.
This is a game-changer of a workshop where we introduce you to the mind blowing world of gut health. The gut is the absolute epicentre of our wellbeing, and it is the area of health that Elyse & I are so totally passionate about. We will talk to anyone who will listen about the gut, and how most of today's ailments that we see in our clients can be traced back to this epicentre. More and more we are hearing about the connection between our gut health to just about every ailment in the human body. Right?
It is such a game-changer to treat the health of your gut with the total and utter respect it deserves considering all the vital functions it initiates in our body, yet many of us treat it more like a trash can than a shrine.
You see our gut health effects every single cell in our body and plays a vital role in our ability to fight off (and recover from) illness and injury (our immunity), how we digest and assimilate our food (our nutrition), how we feel (our emotions/moods), how we behave (our actions and re-actions), our energy (vibration), and even how we think (our mental capacity). Truly our gut is the epicentre of our wellbeing.
In this workshop we will discuss common practices that we all do daily that can impede our gut health, leading us to being susceptible to illness and poor health and we will show you simple and effective ways that you can start to heal your gut to improve your overall health and wellbeing.
This session is an introductory workshop that will shed light on what is going on in our guts and will touch on the connection between the mind-gut axis that is behind so many conditions today. For more detailed workshops on the mind-gut connection, why not join us in 'The Gut Connection' Workshop Series commencing in October 2017, where Elyse & I share our unique training in the GAPS (Gut & Psychological Syndrome)Protocol.
  • What exactly do we cover during the workshop:
  •   Detailed theory discussion on how modern day living is seriously affecting our gut microbiome and why that matters in the overall scheme of things
  •  We share with the best ways to start supporting healthy gut flora and heal your gut for optimal wellbeing 
  •  We help you read the cues your body is giving you regarding the state of your gut health so you can tweak your eating and lifestyle in response to these cues 
  •  We will give you heaps of real food recipes to support the method we discuss in this workshop 
  •  Opportunity to ask questions
This is part 4 of our 'Nourish & Flourish' series of workshops.
In this workshop we talk about how modern day life can bombard our body with toxins from every direction which results in our system becoming sluggish and slow, and leading us susceptible to pathogen attack (sickness).
Our bodies are totally AMAZING in that we have been designed with a very effective and intricate detoxification system to help us get rid of toxins that don't serve our system, however with exposure to more and more toxins in our environment, foods, and lifestyles in general our systems are fast becoming overloaded in their ability to detox and cleanse itself, resulting in excessive toxins building up in our body which ultimately lead to disease and illness.
There are so many simple, self-care practices that you can use on a daily basis to help support your system to sort through and clear out the junk to help you get back to firing on all cylinders, to put that bounce back in your step and assist you to wake with energy, enthusiasm, clarity and ready to jump into life each and everyday. And that's what we want to teach you in this workshop.
We will show you ways to support your body's natural detoxification processes that are super simple to do in the comfort of your own home including ways to detox your tongue, your liver, your lungs, your stomach, your skin, your bowels (yes we get personal) and your mind.
This workshop is a must to complete your 'Nourish & Flourish' experience to support all of the awesome changes you have made to creating wellbeing from the inside out.
You'll even get a take home bag of goodies to support your daily self-care practices so there is no excuses!
  •  What exactly do we cover during the workshop: 
  •  You will learn how amazing you are at naturally detoxing nasties from your system 
  •  You will gain an appreciation of how much stress you are subjecting your body's detox processes to by just living 
  •  We share with the best ways to start supporting your body's natural detoxification processes 
  •  We help you read the cues your body is giving you regarding toxic build up and what you can do to relieve it 
  •  We will provide you with a number of recommended daily detoxification practices to support your optimal wellbeing 
  •  We will give you a little party bag of tools to take home to help you with your new detox practices 
  •  Opportunity to ask questions
join us for the complete nourish to flourish series for the amazing price of $200!
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